Season of Gene A Novel

Publication Date:

Paperback: 9781416541493

Ebook: 9781934137413

“Somewhere between incarceration and sainthood stands Joe Rice, a man who relishes peace, painkillers, and his Friday-night baseball league. When his shady business partner Gene dies rounding the bases, Joe knows this isn’t going to be an ordinary season. Soon enough, a suburban ex-mobster, his entrepreneurial son, and a gun-toting minister have Tasered, maced and harassed Joe over the location of a three-million-dollar Babe Ruth baseball bat he doesn’t know anything about.”
Joe just wants to save his car-detailing/ticker brokerage business from Gene’s mountain of debt, crime and craziness. (Winning a game of Madden NFGL against his ex-girlfriend’s twelve-year-old son would also be a relief.) But first, he must confront the ghosts of his past - namely, his murdered uncle and his mentally unstable mother. He must also deal with the present, navigating the space between the two women he cares about. And finally, he must face the future, every man’s least favorite obstacle.

Dallas Hudgens, the acclaimed author of “Drive Like Hell,” blends Guatemalan chicken, online pharmaceuticals, and unforgettable characters in a raucous but moving story of love and baseball. “Season of Gene” is a wild ride of a novel about a troubled man, the troubled women who love him and a legendary baseball bat that could either save their lives or get them killed.

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“(Season of Gene) has more action than a Hollywood blockbuster and more heart than a bloodhound. A super book.”

– A Book Sense Notable For October 2007

“Those ready for a rowdy ride won’t be disappointed.”

– Publishers Weekly

“(Hudgens) shows off plenty of the raw talent – for metaphor, for phrasing, for pure observation – that gave his first novel, Drive Like Hell, a genuine spark.”

– Atlanta Magazine

“Crime and baseball make for an irresistible combination in this raunchy, fast-moving caper, a second novel just as good as Hudgens’s wild debut (Drive Like Hell, 2005)…A nourishing slice of Americana, expletives and all.”

– Kirkus (starred review)

“Hudgens has scored again. He’s given readers an engaging, knowing glimpse of an odd, but no doubt real, world of arrested development. And he knows his baseball”

– Booklist
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