Drive Like Hell A Novel

Publication Date:

Hardcover: 9780743251631

Paperback: 9780743261814

“In his hilarious, unforgettable debut – with everything from stock car racing to drug dealing – Dallas Hudgens brilliantly evokes Southern culture in a tale that is raucous and wrenching, funny and wise.”
Wanting desperately to be behind the wheel, Luke Fulmer counts down the days to his sixteenth birthday, when he can finally get his license. Unfortunately, the first thing he does with it is “borrow” his neighbor’s car. When he is pulled over and found in possession of an air pistol, a ski mask, a stolen TV, and a bag of pot, the unforgiving local magistrate takes scissors to his license and vows to lock him up if he ever stands in front of her again. So with an absent father and a mother descending into alcoholism, he moves in with his older brother, Nick, an easygoing ex-con who wants to steer Luke onto the straight and narrow. In the summer that follows, Luke contends with a kleptomaniac girlfriend, a duffel bag full of cocaine, and the realization that he must save his family from themselves, even as he plots to beat a path out of town.
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“(Drive Like Hell) is so much fun that it’s easy to forget how difficult it is to portray decent people acting like morons with an artfulness sufficient to transform it into boneheaded genius.”

– Kirkus (starred review)

“Hudgens has captured these characters and this milieu with heartbreaking veracity. The writing is splendid.”

– Charlotte Observer

“The twang and the heartbreak are real. Hank Williams would be proud, and deeply amused.”

– Los Angeles Times

“A rollicking tale of love, death, drag racing, drug dealing, alcoholism, country music, and hanging out. …(Drive Like Hell) will touch a nerve with many readers who have experienced dysfunctional families and survived to remember.”

– Library Journal
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